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Collection of Fanfics

These stories are set during the game itself and based on my beloved Prier/Croix pairing. It shows how they interracted at various times during the storyline that were not shown on camera. The stories themselves don't follow a particular order (sans the first one which must be first, and another pair of fics that act as a story and its sequel). They were actually written for a school assignment, and my professor thought they were good.

The plot, which connects each of the stories, is the confusion of two people in love. Each has their own genre in addition to the slight romance; from sweet and fluffy to uber dramatic (only one chapter as of now). Note that these all take place before the team leaves the mainland, unless I get more inspiration and write what happens afterwards.

Warning, spoilers for up to after finishing Chapter 5, as well as hintings at Croix's past (especially in one fic that is yet to be posted; I don't toss every chapter up at once so I can give my readers time to digest the one before)
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